2021 Reunion



On Hitler's Mountain

Hello AFRC’ers, Here’s a book about B-Garten during the war. Connect the dots. Find out what happened there, before it became our paradise.

An in depth history of Berchtesgaden before, during and after the rise of the NAZI party, and it’s influence on this village in the German Alps.

From Irmgard A. Hunt:

My book is an intimate glimpse into a German childhood under the Third Reich in the small Bavarian village of Berchtesgaden. It is by no means meant as an apology on behalf of Germany, but the story of an ordinary family’s survival in insane times, and a remembrance of an era when a civilized nation’s moral compass broke down and a nation’s people went like sleepwalkers into disaster.

My story, written from my perspective as a child, offers a unique view on life during that time -- the rise and fall of Hitler. I lost my soldier father at age 6, was obligated to join the Hitler Youth at age 10, nearly betrayed my virulently anti-Nazi grandfather, and suffered through wartime deprivations and post-war demoralization, guilt and denial of the past until a new beginning was ushered in and West Germany became a strongly committed democracy. This book is illustrated with more than fifty photographs, many of them personal.

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